By phone:

Call us at 684-633-7793 (as of October 2, 2004, American Samoa is a domestic call from the U.S., except from cell phones. Yes, we know - that's a ripoff).  Note that American Samoa is 6 hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time, 7 hours earlier than Eastern Daylight Time.  (Noon EST in New York is 6am in Pago Pago, Noon EDT is 5am in Pago Pago).  [Note: American Samoa does not observe Daylight Savings Time]. 

By e-mail:

Our e-mail address for general inquiries is

By fax:

Our regular fax is 684-633-4493; e-fax is 208-567-6865.

By mail:

PO Box 6758
Pago Pago, AS 96799

Regular U.S. Mail rates apply to mail sent to American Samoa from the mainland.  It just takes a long time to get here.

In person:

93KHJ is located on the second floor of Pago Plaza in Suite 223.  Pago Plaza is the shopping center/office complex where the Social Security Administration and the National Parks Service Visitor Center is located.  Take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor.  Special arrangements are required to visit after normal office hours.  We've never known the security guards to shoot anyone, but it's best not to take any chances ;-)