AFTER THE SHOW: World Wide Wow

Producer Bailey shows us a new way to look at the World Wide Web, and we are WOWED  Want to hear more? We’ll tell you about the biggest college entrance scam ever and how it was uncovered in the first… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Pops Wants to Come Over

The advice Sam is TRYING not to give as a new grandfather.  Want to hear more? It’s pi(e) day! We won’t be doing math, though. We’re sharing with you our favorite pie recipes. The most popular baby names today thanks… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Don’t Touch It!

What’s the 1 thing Jodi does – that drives both Murphy & Sam a little crazy?  Want to hear more? How Murphy and Jodi have to get creative with a 60 pound dog that can’t walk anymore. To snooze or… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: SamPaw’s Secret ?

Sam has a birthmark we never knew about – but he showed us today. Want to hear more?   Jodi has a new book she can’t put down that she’s going to tell you about in the Not So Serious… Read More.

The Mountain Between Us

“I actually can’t put this book down and I absolutely plan to read this whole thing before I watch the movie!” -Jodi From the author of Where the River Ends, comes this page-turning story of love and survival. On a stormy… Read More.


Why is Sam a “fake Uncle?” Want to hear more? Why we all need to be more gentle on ourselves after losing an hour over the weekend. All the little things that you can do to be really well respected… Read More.

AFTER THE SHOW: Project Fatigue

Can you guys convince Jodi that school projects AREN’T the devil? Want to hear more? Jodi wants you to actually go shopping this weekend! It’s a fun Friday! We’re going to try to help you get the most out of… Read More.